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This is the web site of Timothy M. Lockhart.
Webmaster for

    This site is dedicated to the interest, developement, support, and sheer enjoyment of the hobby amateur astronomy.  Whether it be observing, equipment, or photography, I hope you will find something within the pages on this site that makes you go "WOW," or answers a question you may have about astronomy.

    Much like yourself, my own interest began at a fairly young age, as merely a fascination with the Moon and the night sky.

    Many years later...while doing some shopping at the neighborhood supermart, from the checkout isle I spotted some telescopes on sale.  After giving them a questioning perusal, (not knowing anything at at the time about telescopes,) I picked out one I thought I might enjoy and became the proud owner of a Meade RB-60 refractor.

    One evening in May, while out in the backyard using my planisphere, happily star-hopping around the night sky...I spied a funny looking star.  I swung my refractor around to get a closer look at the star, but it wasn't a star... it was SATURN!

    After that evening, and over a few years, came more varieties of telescopes, eyepieces, mounts, cameras, alot of trial and error, until I've arrived here, at my own website.

    I hope you'll find something that I've included on the pages therein, that will help you along way in your journey across the night sky, the way many other amateur astronomer's sites have helped me---

    Clear, dark skies and


                         Tim Lockhart



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